Aerobatic Aircraft at Maxcraft

What’s in our hangar?

An aerobatic aircraft – the MX2.

It’s a guys dream aircraft. Or at least it seems to be as a lot of our employees ooh’ed and ah’d at this aircraft when it came into our hangar.

What is it?

This is a sporty two seater, amateur built aircraft, made of carbon fibre. It offers great performance, agility and ruggedness for aerobatic competitions and air shows.  The MX2 has a cruise speed  in excess of 200 knots, top speed of 300 MPH and has a roll rate of 500 degrees per second.  Also designed for plus or minus 16G’s!

Who does it belong to?

Dave Mathieson, better known as “Super Dave” in the airshow community, currently flies this world’s most advanced aerobatic aircraft.

Did you see the chicken?

Most pilots have a red tag off the pitot static, this one, has a chicken. Very imaginative!

What did we do?

Dave needed his sponsored Grand Rapids EFIS display installed with just a few days notice.  Four of our technicians worked late into a few nights and on Friday night Super Dave roared off for his first airshow.

Dave is in so many airshows and aerobatic competitions,   he  has many decals of sponsors on the aircraft.  One of them, us!

A month later, flying the RV-4, Harmon Rocket is Mark Miller.  He brought in his beautiful aircraft for some work including installing a GTR 225 VHF Comm Radio.


You can see more of these two in action on the Discovery Channel.

Embedded with Mark Miller – Ultimate Aerobatics


Maxcraft Avionics is a leader in airplane and helicopter avionic system upgrades like the Garmin GTN series, including installation of everything from a basic VHF Radio and simple Garmin portable GPS all the way to TCAS, EFIS, and autopilot systems. We have the largest avionics facility in Canada and we have over 20,000 unique part numbers in our in inventory to repair your aircraft or upgrade your cockpit.

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