FAA approval for IFD440, Q3 promotion with FREE ADS-B, and new features to IFD540

IFD440 Now Certified; and R10.1 for both IFD440 & 540

Avidyne announced today that certification of their IFD440 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM and Release 10.1 software for the IFD540 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM.  Since receiving the FAA approval of R10.1 software for the IFD540, it includes a software fix that removes the AD that was issued in May.

Free ADS-B in with Avidyneavidyne

Avidyne is offering a Q3 promotion which is allowing customer who purchase an IFD540 and IFD440 (or dual 540’s or dual 440s) to get a free MLB100 ADS-B receiver! (a $2,495 value!)

The MLB100 provides ADS-B in to the IFD540/440s for FIS-B Wx.

The IFD540 & IFD440 represent the next generation in FMS/GPS/ NAV/COM systems. Each provides VHF communication and SBAS/ LPV precision navigation and are designed to meet the accuracy and integrity requirements for ADS-B as part of the NextGen airspace initiative. As plug-and play replacements for legacy systems, the IFD540 & IFD440 each share the same basic functionality in large and compact display formats respectively.

Call us or see us at Maxcraft to order yours now. Sale ends September 30, 2015

R10.1 adds new features to IFD540

Release 10.1 (R10.1) software is a field-loadable upgrade for the IFD540 that includes product improvements and new functionality such as:

  • Support for display of ADS-B (FIS-B) weather when interfaced with an Avidyne MLB100 or MLX200.
  • Rubber-banding of the active flight plan leg – Now the magenta ‘active’ leg can also be stretched, providing a new active waypoint using the touch screen.
  • Scrollable data blocks – Allows the pilot have more data blocks configured than can be displayed on a single screen. Using the touch screen, the pilot can scroll up or down to view addition data blocks.
  • Standby Com Monitor – Enables monitoring of the standby COM frequency when connected to an Avidyne AMX240 audio panel.
  • Multiple-user configurations – Allows up to 5 user configurations of data blocks, page layouts, and checklists can be saved.
  • Expanded checklists – We have added more check list pages, and multiple users can customize, save, and recall their own checklists.
  • Download/Saving of user-defined waypoints, flight plan routes – Allows pilots to save all their user-defined waypoints and saved flight plans to a USB jump drive, so they can easily be restored to another unit or saved as backup.
  • Support for control of Avidyne’s new remote-mounted AXP322 remote Mode S transponder with ADS-B OUT.
  • Enables Bluetooth® and WiFi – While the hardware for wireless connectivity has been in the boxes since the beginning,  R10.1 is the first activation of wireless functionality—specifically, the MK10 mini Keyboard, which allows pilots to enter waypoints, flight plans, and zoom the map range in and out, among other things via Bluetooth.

Additional feature enhancements and new capabilities are outlined on our www.AvidyneLive.com website at:

R10.1 Removes AD on IFD540

Release 10.1 also removes the Emergency Airworthiness Directive (AD) regarding limitations on GPS approaches with specific leg types that was issued in May to existing owners of Avidyne IFD540 systems. With the R10.1 upgrade, this AD can now be removed from the Limitations Section of the airplane flight manual or flight manual supplement.

The field-loadable Release 10.1 software upgrade is a no-charge warranty upgrade for all current IFD540 owners.  Avidyne is accepting orders for R10.1 upgrades now through authorized dealers. The Service Bulletin is available as part of the upgrade kit.

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