Flying Through Life – Zen Pilot offer

Flying Thru Life

Special Offer to get a Zen Pilot Zulu 3!

To help celebrate Robert DeLaurentis’ Pole to Pole flight, happening now, and his mission of oneness for humanity, from now until April 20, 2020 Lightspeed Aviation is offering a free DeLaurentis Adventure Flight Bag with your purchase of a Zen Pilot edition of the Zulu 3.

In addition, for every Zen Pilot Edition of the Zulu 3 purchase, Lightspeed will donate $100 USD to the DeLaurentis Foundation.

For a limited time, you can receive a free DeLaurentis flight bag from the Lightspeed Adventure Flight Bag Collection with your purchase of a Zen Pilot edition of the Zulu 3.

The DeLaurentis flight bag is no longer available to the public; this promotion is your last chance to access these remarkable bags.

Zen Pilot Robert DeLaurentis is on a mission to fly from one pole to another.

Robert and his team are dedicated to connecting the South Pole to the North Pole, and to connect everyone in between along the way. His vision? Uniting citizens of the world. His mission? One Planet, One People, One Plane: Oneness for Humanity.

Visit the Flying Thru Life website to learn more about Robert’s journey and track his progress across the globe.




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