Garmin Expands Approval for GFC 500 Digital Autopilot

The Garmin Flight Control has been approved in previous aircraft models.  We are excited to say that the GFC 500 has been approved in several more aircraft.G5 from Garmin

These approvals are intended for qualifying piston single-engine aircraft less than 6,000 lbs, GFC 500 delivers superior in-flight characteristics, self-monitoring capabilities and minimal maintenance needs when compared to older generation autopilot systems.

Approvals for the GFC 500 autopilot include the following:

• Cessna 210L, T210L, 210M, T210M, 210N, T210N

• Bonanza/Debonair C33, C33A, E33, E33A, E33C, F33, F33A, G33

• Grumman AA-5 Traveler, AA-5A Cheetah, AA-5B Tiger, AG-5B Tiger

Garmin has also expanded their G600 approvals.  For high performance piston and turbine aircraft that have a wide range of aircraft speed and performance characteristics, the GFC 600 incorporates solid state attitude and robust self-monitoring capabilities to provide superior autopilot performance,greater reliability and safety benefits.

Approvals for the GFC 600 autopilot include the following:

• Beechcraft Baron 58P, 58TC (1983 model year or earlier)

GFC VNAV Mode Support

New to the GFC 600 & GFC 500, pilots can select the vertical navigation (VNAV) button on either autopilot mode controller to fly a fully-coupled VNAV profile when the autopilot is paired with the GTN™ 650/750 touchscreen navigators and the G5, G500 TXi/G600 TXi or G500/G600.

Within the GTN, pilots can easily enter altitude constraints on the flight plan page to set-up a vertical descent profile. Using VNAV, pilots also experience a near-seamless transition to an arrival and instrument approach as step-down altitudes are automatically populated. When the GFC 600 & GFC 500 autopilot is fully-coupled on a VNAV descent, pilots receive the benefit of a smooth and controlled descent, so they can focus on preparing for the approach to land. For GFC 500, VNAV mode is available for all aircraft models that are currently certified. For GFC 600, VNAV mode is initially available on 58/58A Baron and Bonanza with future support for the B55/B55A Baron, Cessna 182, Cessna 340, and future models upon initial certification.

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