Major software update for your G500 or G600 Flight Display System


As part of Maxcraft’s commitG500 emailment to providing ongoing support to its clients, we’re writing to inform you of a major software update for you G500 or G600 flight display system. This upgrade has been several years in the making and enhances both functionality and compatibility in a multitude of ways. Although not a mandatory upgrade, here at Maxcraft we feel it’s worthwhile.

  • Enhanced Map and Display Functionality
    • Pilots will notice the moving map offers faster display and map rendering and demonstrates an overall revitalized transformation of the existing avionics suite.
    • While flying Instrument Approach procedure with Geo-referenced Garmin FliteCharts, a magenta aircraft icon is overlaid on the approach plates so pilots can easily identify their location relative to the approach
    • WireAware incorporates wire-strike avoidance technology to graphically overlay power line locations and altitude information on the moving map. TAWS alerting is also available to provide visual and aural altering. Hazard database subscriptions with US coverage start $49.95
    • Smart airspace integration highlights the airspace nearest to the aircraft’s current altitude and de-emphasizes non-pertinent airspace. With airspace altitude overlays, pilots can easily view airspace maximum and minimum altitudes.
  • Advanced ADS-B Integration (with the GDL 88 ADS-B datalink)
    • Safety enhancing ADS-B traffic and subscription-free Flight Information Service-Broadcast (FIS-B) display on the G500/G600
    • TerminalTraffic displays ADS-B-equipped aircraft and ground vehicles in the airport environment. Aircraft in-flight are easily distinguished from ground vehicles and taxiing aircraft using distinct colours and symbols
    • TargetTrend relative motion technology helps pilots visualize the trend of traffic as it relates to their aircraft. For customers with synthetic vision technology (SVT) enables, traffic targets are also displayed on the PFD.
    • Weather is now easily accessible on the MFD portion fo the G500/G600, displaying NEXRAD radar, METARs, TAFs, winds and temperatures aloft, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, PIREPs, as well as datalink TFRs, NOTAMs and SUA status information.
  • Enhanced Weather Support and Compatibility
    • GWX 70  adds optional ground clutter suppression and turbulence detection
    • GWX 68/GWX 70 enhances existing support for multiple G500/G600 flight displays and GTN touchscreen avionics
    • GDL 69 adds support for advanced weather products, such as icing, turbulence, PIREPs and Canadian weather
    • WX-500 Stormscope support
  • Additional Enhancements
    • GRA 55 / GRA 5500 Radar Altimeter display support
    • GMA 350 Marker Beacon display
    • Selected altitude arc for easier visualization of desired altitude crossing point
    • Pilot selectable PFD clock/timer
    • Altitude preselect for certain Cessna autopilots
    • Support for full-screen display of external video on the
    • MFD Pilot- selectable outside air temperature (OAT) measurement

This updated software is provided by Garmin free-of-charge. There will, however, be a small fee covering labour involved in the update process as well as logbook entries. While new 8GB data cards are required to store the increased volume of data included in this update, Garmin has introduced a price reduction program for data cards,  reducing your cost significantly. There are three main options in this program, and we have attached a PDFwith details for your convenience – 2015 CUSTOMER MEMO – Garmin to Offer G500 and G600 Datacard Discount Pro.

Please note that software updates for GTN series navigators have also just been released. If your installation includes both kinds of hardware, Maxcraft recommends updating both to the latest software version.

To schedule a software update, or for more information, please contact Clarke Paterson, or phone us at (604) 465-3080

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