Maxcraft Avionics flies the first Gogo Business Aviation inflight connectivity solution in a Daher TBM930 turboprop aircraft.

gogoVancouver, BC, October 2017 – Maxcraft Avionics Ltd announced that it has successfully flown a Daher TBM aircraft and demonstrated full Internet connectivity using the Gogo Biz Network and ATG products, which offer full Internet and voice experience.

The initial test aircraft was a TBM930 and was equipped with a Gogo ATG 1000, however the design allows installation across Daher’s TBM fleet installing any of Gogo’s ATG systems—ATG 1000, 2000 or 5000. The STC is structured to allow maximum flexibility of antenna locations. Maxcraft has received the system design and antenna certification and final Wi-Fi STC testing is pending. On final STC release, it will be submitted for immediate FAA review and approval.

 “Maxcraft is thrilled to bring Gogo’s connectivity products to TBM owners, enabling them to stay connected to the things that matter,” said Steve Nunn, director of business development at Maxcraft Avionics. “We’ve seen initial interest and expect that to continue as people realize that the technology and price point are accessible to TBMs.”

 Gogo’s ATG 1000 and ATG 2000 are ideal for the TBM series as they are designed to effectively and affordably provide Internet and voice services aboard aircraft with fewer users and/or lighter passenger loads, such as light jets and turboprops.

 ATG 1000

Via the Gogo Biz network, the ATG 1000 enables high-performance e-mail with attachments, voice and text for only $39 per hour. Pilots, passengers and business owners can stay connected to their lives while in flight using their own smartphones and mobile numbers via the included Gogo Text & Talk capability.

 Select cockpit and operational applications can be used with the ATG 1000 system through Gogo’s partnerships with the industry’s leading app providers: FlightAware, ForeFlight,, Garmin, Honeywell, JetFuelX and The Weather Company. Pilots connected to the Gogo system are able to receive continuously updated flight information and decision-support tools to help streamline their aeronautical decision-making.

 ATG 2000

The ATG 2000 delivers full Internet connectivity to enable in-flight Web browsing and email, as well as most apps, for a $99 per-hour rate. Gogo’s Text & Talk is available as an additional option.

 About Maxcraft Avionics Ltd.

Maxcraft specializes in avionics design, installation, and maintenance. Its design services group, recently certified as a Design Approval Organization (DAO) in Canada, holds an extensive catalogue of exclusive STCs. Maxcraft’s client base includes operators for all types of aircraft including private, commercial, business, charter, corporate, airline, police, military and air ambulance. As an AMO its state-of-the-art shop facilities provide full service support to the private and commercial fixed wing market as well as the helicopter sector. Maxcraft Avionics can be found on the web at or may be reached at 604-465-3080.

 About Gogo

Gogo is the in-flight internet company. They are the leading global provider of broadband connectivity products and services for aviation. They design and source innovative network solutions that connect aircraft to the Internet, and develop software and platforms that enable customizable solutions for and by our aviation partners.  You can find Gogo’s products and services on thousands of aircraft operated by the leading global commercial airlines and thousands of private aircraft, including those of the largest fractional ownership operators. Gogo is headquartered in Chicago, Ill., with additional facilities in Broomfield, Colo., and locations across the globe. Connect with us at and

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