Summer has finally arrived! Are you ready?

What is summer?


For most people,  it’s camping, swimming, tanning, sunroof open, shorts, flip flops  and of course, flying!

Safety first

Be safe in the warm weather flying.  As the weather is unpredictable, thunderstorms, lightening and hail even in our summer months.  Stay alert and prepared.

As you venture out to all of those cool places to fly, make sure you have a great GPS system.  One, for navigation, but as a pilot its a great way to see the new places to fly to.  With the Garmin 796 it has the fabulous terrain and synthetic vision that shows the map in a 3d image.   There is also the Aera 500 series which are great for navigation (even if your not flying but driving that big trailer!).

For another aspect of safety, whether driving, hiking or flying, take the SPOT.  The SPOT with SOS, help and custom messages, this little gadget is great for help.

For more safety information, try attending a Transport Canada Civil Aviation Safety Seminars click here for  Transport Canada


Maxcraft Avionics is a leader in airplane and helicopter avionic system upgrades like the Garmin GTN series, including installation of everything from a basic VHF Radio and simple Garmin portable GPS all the way to TCAS, EFIS, and autopilot systems. We have the largest avionics facility in Canada and we have over 20,000 unique part numbers in our in inventory to repair your aircraft or upgrade your cockpit.

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