We need you……..yesterday they said

Sending our crew in style

Blackcomb Aviation Ltd. hired one of our crew to work in Peace River on their Bell 407. Well, these are working commercial machines and they needed him right away.

How to get him to Peace River quickly? By air.  How about in a Cessna 510 Citation Mustang with 2 turbine engines, 4 leather passenger seats, obviously 2 wings and most important, a beer fridge. Our customer did the math and it was cheaper to fly him up in one of their jets.  Wait while he did the repair after hours, fly him back, and all in less than a day’s work with no downtime for the machine. If we had flown commercially that would have likely been a 3 day effort.

(not the actual aircraft he flew in)


The work required was in a A Bell 407 in Peace River.  The Bell needed a mod to its audio system so that the rear passengers could hear the FM radio.  The aircraft was fixed in about an hour and a half, Nick then hopped back into the rear of the Cessna, checked out that well-earned contents of the fridge, while the pilots flew back to YVR.  This was the fastest job, fastest trip ever.

 The view from the trip over

The project

(not the actual aircraft that he worked on)


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