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  • Float Conversion

    Cessna 185 Firefighting

    This C185 is destined for firefighting work this summer as a lead-plane, also known as a spotter or a bird-dog. It will assist waterbombers with verbal target descriptions or by physically leading them on drop runs....Read More

  • Bell 206B

    TCAS for a Bombardier Challenger

    This first generation Bombardier CL-600 challenger was delivered to Maxcraft for a TCAS installation. We were, in fact, rather surprised to learn that TCAS had not previously been installed... ... "Read More

  • Cessna Caravan Fleet Upgrade

    Cessna Caravan Fleet Upgrade

    The Maxcraft avionics panel you see here is out of a Cessna Caravan, and is part of our ongoing fleet upgrade project for Seair Seaplanes. Incorporated in 1980, Seair provides aircraft charters and regularly scheduled service to... Read More

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