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  • Commercial Fleet Upgrades

    Cessna 414 Major Avionic Upgrade

    Today we'll take a look at a major avionics upgrade for one Cessna 414. This managed aircraft was recently purchased in the United States and imported into Canada for business use. Countless snags across multiple systems were encountered on it's first test flight, and even more were found during our own preliminary tests...Read More

  • C182 with L3 Lynx and Garmin GTN

    C182 with L3 Lynx and Garmin GTN

    It's been just four months since L3 unveiled its new low-cost ADS-B solution, the L3 'Lynx'. Today, Maxcraft has the privilege of performing the very first Lynx installation in Canada (and one of the first few in the world). The L3 Lynx NGT-9000 is an ADS-B touchscreen transponder and multi-function display. With ADS-B in, FIS-B... Read More

  • Two Short Skyvans

    Two Short Skyvans

    It's always a pleasure to see unique or unusual aircraft come into the hangar, and these Short SC.7 "Skyvans" are no exception. The very look of these things stirs discussion, prompting questions from bystanders like "Why is it shaped like a brick?" and "Are you sure that thing can fly?"Read More

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