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  • de Havilland 'Boss' Beaver

    de Havilland 'Boss' Beaver

    When this 1950s vintage de Havilland “Boss” Beaver showed up in our hangar with its turboprop conversion, it was already and halfway towards being the most advanced Beaver around. With a new avionics suite and entertainment system, Maxcraft's technicians took it all the rest of the way... Read More

  • Aerostar G600 and GTN750

    Aerostar G600 and GTN750

    While the Garmin G600 and GTN750 you see here are certainly top of the line pieces of equipment, what makes this project interesting is the high level of integration between new and old systems...Read More

  • Cessna 172: G500 and GTN750

    Cessna 172 with G500

    This 172 received a somewhat more substantial avionics package than what is usually found in aircraft of the same size. Indeed, the G500 and GTN750 combination is one which we typically install in slightly larger...Read More

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