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  • Bell 206B

    Legacy PC-12 Avionics Upgrade

    This PC-12 operates in very remote regions of the Yukon, where navigation and commication system instaled onboard the aircraft are crucial for the saftey of flight. The Air Services Branch authorize....Read More

  • Cessna 205 Re-Make

    Cessna 205 Re-Make

    This 1963 Cessna 205, is commonly mistaken for the Cessna 210 or 206. The Cessna 210-5 or 205, is known as the “SUV of the air”. This Skywagon is a 6 seater, with fixed landing gear and a very distinctive cowling. Cessna only ever made 576 of these unique aircraft in starting... Read More

  • Float Conversion

    Life Flight Network

    Life Flight Network, a not-for-profit air medical service, selected Macraft to perform some avionics upgrades on part of their fleet of aircraft. Life Flight serves the community by providing critical care...Read More

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