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  • Commercial Fleet Upgrades

    Commercial Fleet Upgrades

    Today we'll take a look at a fleet upgrade project that Maxcraft undertook on short notice for a regional airline with a very tight upgrade schedule. While some of the equipment here may not be as visually impressive as what you see in some of our full-glass projects, this type of upgrade is an ideal solution for many commercial operators...Read More

  • C172 Glass Panel Training Aircraft

    C172 Glass Panel Training Aircraft

    The world of civil aviation is in the middle of an undeniable and accelerating transition towards glass panel cockpits. Consistently falling equipment costs, combined with the competitive influence of every new adopter, points to glass panel avionics soon being the norm rather than the exception... Read More

  • Beechcraft Duke Glass Panel

    Airbus Helicopters Dual Glass Panels

    Despite differences in ownership, management and use intended use, Maxcraft's technicians have fitted both of these aircraft with nearly identical avionics packages. This relative uniformity owes itself to a few factors...Read More

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