Maxcraft Avionics sends the structures guy overseas!

Tbilisi is where?

Georgia is home to 4.7 million people with Tbilisi being the largest city and capital of Georgia.   Georgia was a part of the former Soviet Union and most of the people speak Russian or Georgian.  Well, without any Russian or Georgian – off Ben went to Tbilisi!

Sent by request

Our structures technician Ben was requested by CHC to go to Tbilisi,Georgia to install a wire strike kit. After travelling for 18 hours he landed, had a couple hours sleep, and was off to work!

A seasoned professional, Ben installed the wire strike protection system on one of CHC’s Sikorsky S-76C+ helicopters. Maxcraft has had plenty of S-76 structures experience and CHC had heard we did the wire strike kits for Helijet last year.

The job went really well and was completed in a short period time.  Ben got to enjoy a test flight afterwards and had a speedy turnaround with only 8 days away from home.

People were extremely friendly, the food was great and the weather was in the mid 30’s with very little rain, and I came back with a great tan.  CHC base staff treated me like an employee. Great experience working for them.” –Ben’s comments on Tbilisi.

Good job Ben.  We look forward to hearing about your next work trip!




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