Garmin Dual GI 275 Kits Promo Pricing

GI 275 on sale now!

The popular dual Garmin GI 275 kits that provide a full range of functionality, are at low price again.

Get your electronic flight displays to replace your traditional six-pack, with the redundancy of auto-reversionary mode for a low price of $7,995.00 USD.

These dual GI 275 kits provide airspeed, altitude, attitude, heading information, outside air temperature, MFD capabilities, CDI or HSI, and autopilot control, along with a single 60-minute backup battery (software version 2.32 required for this is now available on the DRC). The time has never been better to upgrade older, vacuum-style instruments.

The dual GI 275 kits allow for ease of ordering and are priced to provide significant savings
compared to purchasing individually.

Sale price effective until August 13, 2021. Call or visit our team for more information at Maxcraft Avionics.

Maxcraft Avionics is a leader in airplane and helicopter avionic system upgrades, including installation of everything from basic VHF Radios and flight instruments, all the way to sophisticated GPS, TCAS, EFIS, and glass cockpit systems. We have the largest avionics facility in Canada and over 20,000 unique part numbers in our inventory to repair your aircraft or upgrade your cockpit.

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