GSB 15 Hub on Sale AND GPS Navigator/CDI Combo Extended

Maxcraft is pleased to announce money saving combinations  (GPS Navigator and GI 106B combo) and a GSB 15 sale price from Garmin.

For a limited time only, September 1 through December 31, 2020.

GSB 15 Promotional Price

Now on sale for $275.00 USD. A savings of $74.00 USD on a GSB!

You can save on the small and lightweight the GSB 15 charging hub, capable of powering multiple products simultaneously in their cockpit. A single GSB 15 is capable of charging two full-size tablets while pilots and passengers use them at full brightness. Compatible with 14v or 28v power systems, the GSB 15 can be installed in both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. The GSB 15 also provides a software and database update port for the GI 275 electronic display. For tight spaces, the GSB 15 comes in two different versions. One version contains a connector on the back of the unit, and the other has a connector at the bottom of the unit, ideal for installations in depth-constrained areas. Take advantage of  this small, yet powerful, tool – now offered at an outstanding price.

010-02201-10   GSB 15, Vertical, Standard (Connector on Back of Unit)
010-02201-11   GSB 15, Right-Angle, Standard (Connector on Bottom of Unit)

GPS Navigator / GI 106B Combo Extended Through December 2020

Save over $1,000 USD and stay on course, with the promotional combo of the GPS 175, GNC 355, or GNC 355A, bundled with the GI 106B course deviation indicator (CDI).

With minimums as low as 200’, the GPS 175 and GNC 355 are small, all-in-one touchscreen GPS navigators, capable of WAAS GPS navigation with LPV approaches. Visualize flight plans, including departures, arrivals, instrument approaches, holding  patterns and more. Wirelessly transfer flight plans, stream weather and traffic, GPS position and backup attitude via the built-in Connext® technology. The GNC 355/A GPS Navigator also boasts a built-in 10-watt Comm radio with 25 kHz or optional 8.33 kHz channel spacing (with GNC355A), plus standby frequency monitoring and automatic frequency identification. The panel-mounted GI 106B includes a VOR/LOC/GPS needle, as well as a glideslope needle. The GI 106B features anti-reflective lenses and LED flood lighting and is compatible with the same pinout connections as the GI 102A and GI 106A CDIs. This promotion is available from now through December 31, 2020.

010-02511-00 Kit, GPS 175/GI 106B, Americas
010-02512-00 Kit, GPS 175/GI 106B, International
010-02513-00 Kit, GNC 355/GI 106B, Americas
010-02514-00 Kit, GNC 355/GI 106B, International
010-02515-00 Kit, GNC 355A/GI106B, Americas
010-02516-00 Kit, GNC 355A/GI 106B, International

More questions?  Come in and visit our team and Maxcraft!

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