Introducing the GMA 345/342 Audio Panels

GMA345Garmin announced the new GMA 345 and the GMA 342 designed for fixed-wing aircraft.  The GMA 345 features Bluetooth audio connectivity and a front mounted USB charging port, while the GMA 342 contains a dedicated 3.5mm audio jack that allows pilots to connect a mobile device directly to the audio panel. These panels contain state-of-the-art sound quality and additional features such as:

  • advanced auto squelch
  • music bass boost
  • advanced equalizer settings
  • 3D audio processing and more

Innovative Features at an Affordable Price

  • home theater like music effects
  • advanced auto squelch automatically adapts to the noise level within the cockpit
  • built in digital clearance recorder
  • connect a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth
  • incorporates 3D Audio processing into the GMA 345/342

Installer Friendly, Slide-in Replacement for the GMA 340

  • slide-in replacement for the popular GMA 340 audio panel , other brands include: PMA 8000, KMA 30, AMX 240
  • transitioning to the new audio panel is seamless and straightforward
  • computer not required

GMA 345/342 Satisfaction Guarantee Program for Slide-In Installations

  • After installation of the Garmin GMA 345 or GMA 342 if you are not satisfied with this product you may elect to have the GMA 340 or slide-in compatible third-party audio panel that was removed then re-installed and receive a complete refund of the purchase price, including a re installation credit of GMA 345 or GMA 342

Please contact our Maxcraft team for more details on the new audio panels and guarantee program.

Maxcraft Avionics is a leader in airplane and helicopter avionic system upgrades, including installation of everything from basic VHF Radios and flight instruments, all the way to sophisticated GPS, TCAS, EFIS, and glass cockpit systems. We have the largest avionics facility in Canada and over 20,000 unique part numbers in our inventory to repair your aircraft or upgrade your cockpit.

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