MTP136D from AEM

Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp. (AEM) just announced at the HAC (Helicopter Association of Canada) conference in Vancouver the release of their new MTP136D radio

This new Panel-Mount Forest Service Radio is a modern panel-mount radio for special-role and multi-mission platforms. Designed with the U.S. Forest Service and aerial firefighting operators in mind, the MTP136D is a Project 25 Phase 1 compliant VHF/FM solution for digital and analog communication on all channels across the 136MHz to 174MHz frequency band.

The radio features a large NVIS-compatible screen displaying all channel and operational information, and was developed in consultation with tactical aerial firefighting agencies.

The MTP136D boasts a robust design to ensure high performance in demanding firefighting environments. The MTP136D is easily integrated for tactical systems, upgrades, and a plug-and-play replacement for existing legacy radios.

Read AEM full press release here:  PR_2023_MTP136D_Announcement


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