TRIG the new NAV/COM

Trig Avionics has announced the new TX56 Nav/Com.

The company is now shipping their slimline TX56 Nav/Com, which completes the Trig stack – ideally suited to GA, experimental and light sport pilot’s needs.

Read below the announcement from TRIG:

This is an important milestone, as the Nav/Com completes the Trig stack product line. The TX56 is a slimline unit, at only 33mm high this makes it easier to install, saving valuable space in any avionics stack.

Trig CEO Andy Davis said, “Trig’s Nav/Com product family has landed. Customers can now order their Nav/Com from our Approved Trig Dealers. We know customers are excited by the TX56’s space saving form factor and its compelling list of pilot friendly features.”


The TX56 uses a bright high-resolution display, with the clearest presentation of Nav and Com information. The unit has a customisable frequency database which holds over 200 com and an additional 200 nav frequencies, loaded via a USB stick. Dual Watch allows the monitoring of two com frequencies at the same time. Monitoring of a second Nav VOR is also possible – improving navigational accuracy. Trig’s popular ‘Say Again’ feature is a single touch button which instantly re-plays the last received transmission, meaning you don’t have to transmit, ‘say again’. The Nav/Com includes a two-place intercom, with support for stereo music. All TX56 models have a built-in digital course deviation indicator (CDI). The Nav supports VFR and IFR navigation, including ILS approaches. Trig’s TI106, Course Deviation Indicator is also available, as the ideal panel mounted companion to any TX56 model.

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