Garmin Aviation Database Manager

Maxcraft has been waiting for something like this to help our  customers with database questions.  This database manager will help see whether or not your databases are current and no more guessing the end data or when the next cycle will be coming out. It will do the update if you don’t have a wifi Flightstream connection.

Garmin Aviation Database Manager is available on Windows or Mac.

Need to know more? Visit us and we can give you a demonstration.











Once you purchase your databases, just open the database manager. You’ll no longer need to visit the® website






The database manager automatically downloads the latest cycle of updates, so they’re ready to be installed on your SD™ card or device without waiting.






Use the calendar view to check the current cycle, see when new cycles will be available, review whether you’ve purchased a cycle and more.






If you have multiple aircraft on your account with the same avionics1 and subscriptions, you can manage them all from one view — and use a single card for all of the aircraft.

Garmin Aviation Database Manager – Quick Start Guide

The quick start guide provides basic navigation and describes key steps in loading databases with the Garmin Aviation Database Manager. The video describes the calendar view which provides an easier way track and install databases.

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