Garmin Smart Watch D2 Air X10

Garmin D2 watches are the only smart watches made exclusively for pilots, packed with powerful tools like GPS navigation, a worldwide airport database, and a built-in altimeter. Now the best-selling D2 Air is even better, with new voice assistant features and long battery life.






From contactless payments to adding music, this is the new and approved smart watch.






The D2 Air X10 offers the following features and so much more:

  • Get airport weather for preflight awareness
  • Navigate Direct-to nearby airports, and see airport and runway information
  • Automatically log flights, and wirelessly sync with your® account
  • Make calls from your wrist, and create or respond to text messages hands-free, courtesy of your paired smartphone’s voice assistant.
  • Smartwatch capabilities plus health and wellness features help keep you in tune with your day.
  • Bright AMOLED display and up to 7 days of battery life? Affirmative.

Testimonial from a Garmin employee:

Hi everyone,

I’m really excited about our latest aviator smartwatch, the D2 Air X10. I’ve been fortunate to have been here at Garmin from the debut of this product line beginning with the D2 Pilot Watch circa 2013. We’ve come a long way from that original version and D2 Air was my favorite pilot watch — until the D2 Air X10.

The D2 Air X10 has a 43mm watch case with a beautiful, round 1.3” AMOLED display. I can be clumsy with my watch at times so the Gorilla® Glass 3 tech that protects it has certainly helped me preserve the display from the occasional bump. Interface with the watch is done with the combination of a touchscreen and three stainless steel buttons. It is offered in the black or ivory case and silicon band options pictured. Should you prefer a different style, it fits an industry standard 20 mm quick release band format. Garmin offers a large selection to choose from.

It’s amazing how much hardware is packed in this light and slim package. In addition to on-board GPS, it also includes a built-in baro adjustable altimeter and compass for use with the HSI. It also hosts an on-board heart rate and pulse oximeter.

One attribute that sets the Garmin D2 series of watches apart from any other smartwatch, is the built-in worldwide airport database. The database coupled with the on-board GPS provides the ability to navigate to any airport in the database without the need for any other device. In an emergency, having a GPS ready to go on my wrist is a lot more convenient than my old GPSMAP 12 in my flight bag.

While wirelessly connected to my iPhone, I routinely use the current METAR weather data on the home screen to understand what’s happening at the airport just before departure without having to reach into my pocket for my phone. Likewise, for pre-flight planning, it’s just as easy to flip through the TAFs to understand the weather ahead. While flying at altitude, I routinely check in on my blood oxygen level using the on-board pulse oximeter. There are a lot of other helpful features, like Garmin Pilot connectivity and automatic flight logging.

Beyond the pilot-focused features, the watch boasts all the modern smartwatch capabilities you’d expect. A new capability offers the ability to initiate and answer a phone call from the watch while your phone is in your pocket. You can also interact with Siri or equivalent digital assistant. Like it did from the first watch, it receives notifications, like text messages, from your phone.

I am a runner and use the watch to track every run. The stats on the companion Garmin Connect app are interesting. My favorite stat is my fitness age, which usually shaves about 20 years off my age  My 13-year-old son really likes to create family step challenges which can be tracked by the app as well. The D2 Air X10 offers a wealth of other GPS-based activities like golf, cycling, swimming as well as health features, like animated, on-screen workouts that are easy to follow along for cardio, strength, yoga and more.

I didn’t think I would use the Garmin Pay feature, until it saved me some time after my workouts. I typically run without my phone and wallet so paying with my phone for a coffee on the way back in is incredibly quick and efficient.

I really enjoy the battery life on my D2 Air. With regular flights and running, I can go days without charging. The D2 Air X10 improves battery life with up to 7 days in smartwatch mode and up to 20 hours when continuously using GPS and Pulse Ox while flying.

I’m excited to hear what you think.

-Joey Ferreyra
Garmin Sales & Customer Experience Manager

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