Garmin Autoland and Autothrottle for King Air 200

Revolutionary Garmin Autoland and Autothrottle to become available for retrofit installations in select Beechcraft King Air aircraft

Garmin announced imminent Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification to bring Garmin Autoland and Garmin Autothrottle to the retrofit market, starting with select G1000® NXi-equipped King Air 200 series aircraft, and soon after, select King Air 300 series.. Full Autothrottle integration with the G1000 NXi reduces crew workload in the cockpit by managing aircraft speed and power and provides engine protection against potential engine exceedances. In the event of an emergency where the crew can no longer perform their duties, Garmin Autoland can control and land the aircraft without human intervention1.

Preview Garmin Autoland in the King Air here. Preview Garmin Autothrottle in the King Air here.

New G1000 NXi Features

With the latest G1000 NXi upgrades, King Air owners can take advantage of additional features. Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™) has been upgraded to now include a 3D exocentric view of the SafeTaxi® airport environment to aid situational awareness while taxiing. SVT also displays 3D building footprints including hangars, terminals and towers, taxiways, aprons, signs and other markings to help reduce runway incursions by providing guidance while taxiing at airports contained in the SafeTaxi database. These SVT updates also increase topographical clarity, sharpened water and terrain boundaries, improved obstacle and powerlines display, enhanced runway and airport sign depiction and more.

Additionally, Garmin’s recently announced PlaneSync™ connected aircraft management system2 will simplify the lives of King Air3 owners and operators by automating database updates, providing real-time remote aircraft status4 and automatically transmitting flight log and engine data to the cloud after landing5. The system also includes Emergency Descent Mode (EDM) as a standard feature that is enabled automatically, in the event of a loss in aircraft pressurization.

Adding on to Garmin’s revolutionary electronic stability and protection (ESP™) technology, one engine inoperative ESP assists the pilot in maintaining control in the event of a single engine failure. ESP pitch and roll limits will adjust to prevent excessive pitch or bank angles while the pilot performs single engine procedures.

To learn more about the G1000 NXi upgrade and Garmin Autothrottle, visit For additional information about Autoland and the Garmin Autonomí family of autonomous safety-enhancing technologies, visit

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