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Engine Monitor Options

Engine Monitor

Understanding the health and management of your expensive aircraft engine has become much easier and more economical. New technology has allowed a handful of companies to introduce graphical engine monitors for the GA fleet of aircraft. These instruments have the ability to monitor EGT (exhaust gas temperature) and CHT (cylinder head temperatures) while storing the data in memory. Depending on the unit, the following features are both standard and optional: Fuel Totalizer, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, OAT, RPM, MAP, etc.

Not only do these units allow you to monitor the health of your engine they often allow you run leaner, saving fuel and paying back your investment.

Engine Monitor

The pricing included in this paper is the manufacturer’s list price for a 6 cylinder and is in USD (as of May 2013, selling price is usually lower). Installation typically costs as much as the instrument does and can vary greatly depending on the number of probes installed and the airframe. Note; some units come with all the probes, some are optional.

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